(2020-05-22) May 2020 Bulletin - Border Crossing Update, Baja Love Outreach, Graham Mackintosh’s Newest Adventure

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Baja Bound Bulletin

Baja Bound Mexican Insurance

Welcome to the May edition of the Baja Bound Bulletin! In this edition we provide a border crossing update; we check out the amazing work being done by Baja Love Outreach and Martina gets the scoop on the latest travel adventure by Graham Mackintosh. Although border crossing is still restricted to essential travel, our website is up and agents are available Monday through Friday from 9-5 PST. We hope you remain safe and well through all of this. ¡Viva Baja!

Border Crossing Update Border Crossing Update
By the Baja Bound Staff
After it was announced that the USA and Mexico would restrict non-essential travel between the two countries, many people were left wondering...Read more
Baja Love Outreach Baja Love Outreach
By Agi Saari
When you say the word "orphanage", it typically brings up images of scarcity, poverty, despair and maybe even hopelessness. But imagine if...Read more
Graham Mackintosh's Newest Adventure Graham Mackintosh’s Newest Adventure
By Martina
It isn’t easy to catch up with Graham Mackintosh unless you’re up to hiking the desert hills of Baja or can paddle your kayak fast enough to...Read more

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