(2019-09-28) September 2019 Bulletin - Relieve Vinícola, The Living Desert, Walker Overthrows Baja, Fitness and Fried Tacos, Controversial Padre Caballero

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Baja Bound Bulletin

Baja Bound Mexican Insurance

Welcome to the September edition of the Baja Bound Bulletin! In this edition, Martina visits Relieve Vinícola; Jay Gittens examines the living desert; Greg Niemann recounts the life of William Walker; Misty Tosh finds some fried treats and David Kier explores the life of controversial Padre Félix Caballero. Wherever you go south of the border, remember to visit BajaBound.com for the easiest way to get Mexican auto insurance!

Relieve Vinícola Relieve Vinícola
By Martina
There is an interesting story about the name of this winery. It looks like the English word, to find relief. And in some manner, it actually...Read more
The Living Desert The Living Desert
By Jay Gittens
As a kid growing up in London, the word ‘desert’ painted pictures in my mind of a barren, inhospitable and sun-scorched landscape that supported...Read more
Walker Overthrows Baja Walker Overthrows Baja
By Greg Niemann
The most infamous American to set foot in Baja California was likely William Walker, a diminutive southerner who went there to establish his...Read more
Fitness and Fried Tacos Fitness and Fried Tacos
By Misty Tosh
My expeditions down to Baja always and forever start out with health on the mind. I tell myself, this is the trip where I get freakishly healthy... Read more
Controversial Padre Caballero Controversial Padre Caballero
By David Kier
In the archives of October 12, 1812, Fray Félix Caballero is a 23-year-old of regular stature, dark color, dark brown hair, and dark gray eyes.... Read more

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