(2019-03-22) March 2019 Bulletin - The Lonchería Experience, Laguna Hanson, Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride, Puerto Nuevo Calimax, Forest Bathing

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Welcome to the March edition of the Baja Bound Bulletin! This month, Misty Tosh shares the lonchería experience; David Kier visits Laguna Hanson; we check out the Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride, Greg Niemann recounts the history of Puerto Nuevo and the new Calimax and Martina goes forest bathing. Wherever you go south of the border, remember to visit BajaBound.com for the easiest way to get Mexican auto insurance!

The Lonchería Experience The Lonchería Experience
By Misty Tosh
A good number of people do not know that Baja exists as a remarkable wonderland wide open and ready to be explored. It’s just not...Read more
Laguna Hanson Laguna Hanson
By David Kier
In the land best own as an exotic desert, dotted with tropical oasis resorts, is a beautiful lake and a pine forest, over 5,000 feet above sea...Read more
La Muralla Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride
The original Baja party on wheels will be taking place on Saturday, May 4th! Come join 8,000 amigos for the 40th anniversary running of this exciting and historic event...Read more
Puerto Nuevo Calimax Puerto Nuevo Calimax
By Greg Niemann
Beginning in the mid-1960s, I’ve watched the lobster village of Puerto Nuevo, B. C. grow from a few small dwellings on a dusty bluff to a vibrant... Read more
Forest Bathing Forest Bathing
By Martina
Baja California foothills are covered in intense green carpet after frequent rains and a wild profusion of yellow mustard flowers create... Read more

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