(2016-08-18) August 2016 Newsletter - Las Arrastras de Arriola, A New Look for Don Eddie's Landing, Going Shrimp, Fish and Grain in The Desert, La Fonda on the Bluff, Baja Zipline Fun

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Welcome to the August edition of the Baja Bound Bulletin. This month, David Kier tells the history of Las Arrastras near Gonzaga Bay; Martina checks out the recently restored Don Eddie's Landing; Misty shares some lighter eats on the peninsula; Greg Niemann explores the past and present offerings at La Fonda and Kyle Hargrave visits Pikin zipline adventure park in Rosarito. Wherever you go south of the border, remember to visit BajaBound.com for the easiest way to get Mexican auto insurance!

Las Arrastras de Arriola Las Arrastras de Arriola
By David Kier
Las Arrastras de Arriola is another Baja California historic site that could soon vanish under the construction of Highway 5. This is how Howard...Read more
A New Look for Don Eddie's Landing A New Look for Don Eddie's Landing
By Martina
Just a few hours from San Diego you can find the best fishing, long range tuna trips, RV parking and casitas with a restaurant just steps away. The...Read more
Going Herb, Shrimp, Fish and Grain in the Desert Going Shrimp, Fish and Grain in the Desert
By Misty Tosh
There comes a time in everyone's travels where the eating marathons must end - where the portions have...Read more
La Fonda on the Bluff La Fonda on the Bluff
By Greg Niemann
I heard through the Baja grapevine that Orest “Joe” Dmytriw (Who answers to either “Joe” or “Dimitri”) had reopened the original La Fonda... Read more
Baja Zipline Fun - Pikin Parque Baja Zipline Fun - Pikin Parque
By Kyle Hargrave
In an attempt to calm my rattling nerves, I fill my lungs with the fresh summer ocean breeze. The view of the Pacific from the perch is breathtaking... Read more

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