(2015-10-21) October 2015 Bulletin - FMM (Tourist Card) Changes, Foodie Finds and Furry Friends, Fall Baja Fishing Report, Fausto Polanco Furniture, Day of the Dead
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Baja Bound Bulletin - October 2015
Welcome to the October edition of the Baja Bound Bulletin. This month, we review some of the recent changes to the FMM (tourist card); Misty visits Tijuana for food and a furry companion; Tom Gatch provides the fall Baja fishing report; Martina visits the Fausto Polanco furniture gallery and Greg Niemann shares some of the history of Day of the Dead. Wherever you go south of the border, remember to visit BajaBound.com for the easiest way to get Mexican auto insurance!
FMM Tourist Card Changes
FMM (Tourist Card) Changes
On September 25, 2015 Baja Bound attended a forum hosted by the Otay Mesa Chamber...Read more
Foodie Finds And Furry Friends
Foodie Finds And Furry Friends
I always knew that when it came time to rescue another puppy, it would have to be done in Baja. There is...Read more
Fall Fishing Report
Fall Baja Fishing Report
It may be fall, but those swirling hurricanes and tropical storms from central and southern Mexico continue...Read more
Fausto Polanco
Fausto Polanco Furniture
The breeze blows through the massive open doors to the showroom and gallery of Fausto Polanco...Read more
Day Of The Dead
Day Of The Dead
It was chilly as we approached the cemetery late that moonless night. Lights from numerous...Read more
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