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Welcome to the May edition of the Baja Bound Bulletin! This month, Martina visits the Opal Mine in Ensenada; David Kier explores the distant Pacific and San Felipe's Valle Chico; Greg Niemann recounts the history of the copper mining industry in Santa Rosalía and Misty discovers the desolate luxury of Rancho Las Cruces. Wherever you go south of the border, remember to visit for the easiest way to get Mexican auto insurance!

The Fire Opal of Mexico The Fire Opal of Mexico
By Martina
Ensenada is an exciting city that holds the past gently while embracing the 21st century. Sunlight flashes off the bay, sparkling around the...Read more
The Distant Pacific The Distant Pacific
By David Kier
Baja California is a land of adventure and with a potential for enjoyment of so many outdoor activities. Surfing is one of those activities and is...Read more
Santa Rosalía, Baja's Copper Town Santa Rosalía, Baja's Copper Town
By Greg Niemann
The sparkling Sea of Cortez looming in the distance is a refreshing sight after miles and miles of mostly barren land. However, first-timers...Read more
Rancho Las Cruces Rancho Las Cruces
By Misty Tosh
There has never been any doubt in my mind that Baja holds multiple well-kept secrets. Mysteries that slowly reveal themselves... Read more
San Felipe's Valle Chico San Felipe's Valle Chico
By David Kier
The desert valley southwest from San Felipe offers several driving and hiking adventures. With many dirt roads, palm filled... Read more

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