Salsipuedes is closed until further notice.

Salsipuedes is located between Rosarito and Ensenada on the northern Baja coast, roughly one hour south of the Tijuana/San Diego border. Salsipuedes offers great camping and great surfing as well. The land is privately owned and fairly secluded, which makes for a really enjoyable camping experience. It costs $5 to take your car down there for the day to go surfing. If you plan on camping on the point it costs $8 per night. There are also small cabins that can be rented out for $35 per night.

Getting to Salsipuedes

There is a clearly marked exit for Salsipuedes on the toll road as you head south towards Ensenada. Once you take the exit, it is about 10 minute drive on a dirt road to reach the campgrounds. Getting there is really easy.....leaving can be the hard part. The name Salsipuedes literally means "leave if you can" and it has been said that the name came about from two different reasons:
  1. The unspoiled beauty of the ocean and countryside surrounding the area, which makes it hard to leave.
  2. The sometimes treacherous road that is the only way in and out of Salsipuedes. The road used to be a lot worse and can still be tricky if you do not have the right vehicle. It is advisable to have a four wheel drive vehicle if you plan on going to Salsipuedes after a period of rainfall.

Surfing at Salsipuedes

The north side of the point has a reef break with a shifty peak that can get good on the right tide and swell combination. The wave is fun for surfers at the intermediate level and up. The offshore kelp beds and mountains to the north keep the bay fairly clean and glassy when the north wind kicks up. There are some rocky spots on the inside, so use caution when the tide is medium/low.

On the south side of the point is a heavy righthand pointbreak that needs a huge north/northwest swell in order to break. This wave is for advanced surfers only and will normally require a bigger board to be surfed.