New Border Fast Pass Lane for Tourists

Border Fast Pass for Tourists - Cross into the U.S. Faster!

Border Fast Pass Lane - October 2012 Update

Unfortunately there have been restrictions on the establishments able to give the Fast Pass to their guests. According to the Ayuntamiento de Tijuana, the authorities of the Fast Pass, restaurants are no longer able to obtain them. Only medical offices and specific hotels. Please call the hotel or establishment to confirm if they have the pass.

Fast Pass Tips:
  • Be sure to double check before you go that the hotel or other establishment has the pass.
  • Need help finding the lane? See our pictoral on finding the Fast Pass lane
  • Google Map to the Fast Track Lane from the Río Zone or along the road that borders the U.S. - La Internacional.
  • Remember that usually there are cones that block the lane as you approach the booth. If you pull off near the cones the officers will come out of the booth to take your ticket and graciously let you through.

How to Find the Border Fast Track Lane

Save Time Crossing Back into the U.S.

The Fast Pass lane is a designated lane for tourists (vacationers, business people and medical tourism) who have visited certain establishments in Baja. The Fast Pass lane is open at the Tijuana/San Ysidro border crossing. It differs from the SENTRI lane. The Fast Pass lane had been dedicated to medical tourism only and was expanded. The program is now run by the Ayuntamiento of Tijuana.

What is the Border Fast Pass?

The border fast pass program, officially called FastLane, but commonly called Fast Pass, is a single-use pass that gives you access to a special lane designated for tourists. You will still need to present the necessary documentation to U.S. border officials. It is also known as the Medical lane.

Generally, who is eligible for a Fast Pass?

  • Tourists who patronize establishments in the Fast Pass program
  • The vehicle must have U.S., Canadian, etc. license plates (Mexican plated vehicles are not eligible)
  • Motorcycles and vehicles with trailers are not eligible

How much time can I save by using Fast Pass Lane?

This lane will significantly reduce your wait time to get back into the U.S. Reports say the wait on average is 30 minutes or so, but officials say the goal is a 15 minute wait.

How do I get a Fast Pass?

Certain merchants in the city of Rosarito, Ensenada and Tijuana carry the Border Fast Pass. As the program develops, more will be added.

What are the hours of operation of the Fast Pass lane?

The lane is open daily from 8am to 10pm.

Please let us know if you know of any establishments who offer the pass.

Unfortunately, now that the pass is under the control of the Ayuntamiento de Tijuana, there is not an official list of establishments. Therefore we try our best to find out where they are being offered. Please email us - service(at) - if you have any information. It would be greatly appreciated.

Important Tip:

Check with the hotel or restaurant for specific requirements and to be sure they still offer the pass. Some will offer the pass with a package and others for visiting the spa, restaurants, etc. at the hotel with a minimum purchase. Some do not require a minimum purchase.

*OCTOBER 2012 UPDATE: Restaurants are not able to provide the Fast Pass at this time. Please call any hotels or establishments to confirm if they have the pass first.

Establishments in Rosarito:

Establishments in Ensenada:

Establishments in Tijuana:

  • Dali Suites - Playas de Tijuana
  • Corona Plaza Hotel
  • Caliente

*OCTOBER 2012 UPDATE: Restaurants are not able to provide the Fast Pass at this time. Please call any hotels or establishments to confirm if they have the pass first.

What border crossings have a Fast Pass lane?

Only the San Ysidro border crossing has special Border Fast Pass lane at this time.

Where is the Fast Pass lane located?

If you are heading to the border from the scenic toll road, once you are near the border line on Calle Segunda, you will take the far right lane that is sectioned off by concrete dividers and parallels the regular border line. Look for the blue signs that say "With Pass Only" and the blue signs that say "Medical Services." After going up the bridge, you will see a booth with an official who will take your Fast Track pass and give you access to the lane. What a breeze!

See our pictorial on how to get to the special Fast Track lane.

How much does it cost to get a Fast Pass?

The pass is generally free once you have met the requirements mentioned above. However we have heard some establishments do charge for the pass.

Will there be more Fast Pass lanes in the future?

Currently the Border Fast Pass program is a pilot program. If the lane is a success, more lanes will be added.

Is the Fast Pass lane like the SENTRI lane?

It is similar to the SENTRI in that you can cross the border faster, however there is no background check and the pass is only good for one crossing.

Are there any other options to cross the border faster besides the Fast Pass or SENTRI?

Yes. Recently new lanes were opened in San Ysidro and Otay Mesa called the Ready Lanes. These lanes require you to have one of the several types of RFID enabled cards like a passport card, SENTRI card, enhanced drivers license, etc. Electronic passports with chips do not work in this lane however. Read more...

More Information

This page will be updated as the program is further developed. Have you used the lane already? Please let us know your experience by emailing us at service(at) Thank you for your comments.