Barrier islands, coral reefs, estuaries, mangrove systems and natural bays together form the diverse coastal habitats of Baja California and provide a healthy ecosystem where hundreds of species of birds and fish, grey whales and sea turtles nest and thrive. Yet these treasures face many real threats in the modern, developing world. Thankfully a compassionate, visionary organization called ProPeninsula is working tirelessly to protect this majestic land and its wildlife while promoting sustainable development on the Baja California coastline.

ProPeninsula formed in Fall 2001 with the intention to create a network of individuals, communities and organizations who would work closely together to conserve the natural environment of Baja California while protecting its endangered species. The group is advised by a dedicated team of experts in community-based conservation, international environmental policy, scientific research and non-profit management.

Ten years later ProPeninsula is widely known throughout Baja California as a leading conservation organization, due in part to its close work with partner Grupo Tortuguero (Sea Turtle Conservation Network). In particular, ProPeninsula has leveraged Grupo Tortuguero's decade of sea turtle research and conservation outreach in local communities to develop the ProPeninsula Conservation Tourism program.

The Conservation Tourism program features unique, once-in-a-lifetime type adventures that normal people from around the world can join, spending a month with sea turtle conservation scientists in beautiful Magdalena Bay monitoring the black sea turtles. Sometimes, trips also include special excursions ~ for example, to Espiritu Santo Island!

ProPeninsula is also known for its cross-border education and outreach programs, including Ocean Connectors - a classroom based learning and pen pal program between students in San Diego and Baja California. Students on both sides of the border begin by learning about local ecology and sea turtle biology, then share their ideas about how to conserve this species through letters exchanged with other students living along the migration path of the green sea turtle.

Volunteerism is warmly encouraged at ProPeninsula and there are ongoing volunteer opportunities throughout the organization for anyone who would like to get involved in supporting the coastal ecosystem and wildlife of Baja California!

ProPeninsula also welcomes donations from community partners and offers its own sustainable e-store where supporters of environmental conservation may "shop to sustain" by adopting sea turtles or purchasing 100% organic cotton t-shirts, conservation-inspired artwork and books including "Chelonia - Return of the Sea Turtle" co-authored by Wallace J. Nichols.

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