Genesis Diez and the Genesis International Orphanage Foundation
Genesis Diez    Genesis International Orphanage Foundation

About Genesis Diez, A.C.

Genesis Diez, A.C. is a Mexican educational civil association based in Baja California that works to enrich the lives of orphanage and migrant children. They have unique programs that foster personal and spiritual growth for orphanage and migrant children and for the mission and service teams who come to participate in the Genesis programs. Although orphanages (Casas Hogar) in Baja California work to provide the basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and school, the children often lack opportunities to have educational and family type experiences outside of their environment. Migrant children seldom attend school and have extremely poor living conditions. The Genesis Diez, A.C. programs are designed to build self-esteem and instill Christian values while spending quality one-on-one time with volunteers. The orphanage and migrant children are given an opportunity to spend time away from their everyday environment and be in a rural ranch setting south of Ensenada. It is here they are able to experience valuable personal interaction and engage in activities that provide them with new perspectives on the world around them.  

About G. I. O. F.

G.I.O.F. is a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States that works to raise awareness and funding for orphanage and migrant children in Baja California. Through the coordination of a variety of resources, organizations and individuals, GIOF functions as a sponsor for Genesis Diez, A.C. to ensure that the educational, spiritual and cultural enrichment will continue to enhance the lives of orphanage and migrant children.

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For more information about Genesis Diez and the Genesis International Orphanage Foundation, please visit their websites:

Genesis Diez

Genesis International Orphanage Foundation

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