Baja Weddings

Northern Baja is a hot spot for destination weddings.

So you are getting married, congratulations! Needless to say it is an exciting time with lots to do to prepare. Selecting the perfect location for your dream day is at the top of your list for sure. If you are considering Baja as one of your locations, we invite you to sit back, relax and explore our guide to see all that Baja has to offer.

This guide will help you understand the attractive features of having a wedding in Baja, general information on how to have a wedding in Baja as a foreigner, the amazingly beautiful wedding locations available, the types of Baja weddings, venues to have your wedding and/or reception, and resources to help you pull it all off and enjoy your day!

Explore more about weddings in Baja:

Six Reasons for a Baja Wedding
General Information
Baja Wedding Styles
Baja Wedding Venues
Why a Wedding
in Baja?
Types of
Baja Weddings
Baja Wedding

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