Baja Surf Guide - K-38

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Easily one of the most well known breaks in Baja, K-38 is a really great righthand pointbreak when it is on. The down side is that it is usually pretty crowded here, especially on weekends. If you happen to be down here on a weekday though you can often luck into some great waves and just a few people out. Booties are needed here because of the rock reef . If 38's isn't doing it, Theresas is another righthand reefbreak just north of K-38 that can be an alternate option. Although it is not nearly as good of a wave as Theresas, it can be really fun on a medium to high tide and usually has less of a crowd. Booties are also needed here because of the rocky bottom. Theresas is not a good option at low tide, as there are exposed rocks on the inside

K38 Backhand Hit! - Baja Surf Guide
Overhead Theresas- Baja Surf Guide
Theresas Watershot - Baja Surf Guide
K38 Bottom Turn - Baja Surf Guide

Water shot images courtesy of Surf Camera

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